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    Private Studio in Banstead      


WEIGHT LOSS Tailored exercise and food plan, to meet your specific goals. The training will be varied and interesting while pushing you to your limits.

Strength training tadworth

STRENGTH ​ Muscular strength allows us to function properly. The stronger we are the easier everything becomes. Everyone can improve their muscular strength. It is not just for sports people or body builders.

Trainer Banstead

Boxing (pad work) This is a great way to have fun and get fit. Release the tension from the week. You punch the pads that I hold. Once people try it they love it.

Personal training tadworth

IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY Total body stretching to keep your muscles flexible, relaxed and healthy.

Weight Loss epsom

NUTRITION Whatever you are trying to achieve, nutrition is very important. We all have busy lives so a food plan will be provided to meet your lifestyles and goals.

Core training tadworth

CORE STRENGTH Core strength is vital for everyone, it is a collection of muscles that make all physical activities easier. it improves spinal health and posture.

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